Who really betrayed us

Congress felt compelled to condemn MoveOn.org’s “General Patraeus or General Betray Us” advertisement by a 3-to-1 margin.  This vote was trivial and a waste of taxpayers money.


Congress should be developing strategies for a respectable Iraq war exit, yet they meddle in a progressive group’s childish ad.

Americans believe our efforts are damaged by this ad, according to a FOX News Poll. (I know those last three words are an oxymoron.) This belief is typical Conservative rhetoric. Are Muqtata al Sadr or Al Qaeda in Iraq reinvigorated by what Move On does? Hardly. Any “treason” talk is outlandish.

Lawmakers should focus on the cause, not the effect. Although Barak Obama’s abstention was mostly a presidential campaign calculation, it was the right move — don’t validate the insignificant, even in a no vote.

What a complete waste of time.



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