Brazen branding

Blackwater’s brazen bearprint brand should have been the first warning. 


These lunatics allegedly killed at least 11 innocent Iraqis in an unprovoked attack. BUT this isn’t news to the State or Defense Departments. Blackwater has legal immunity! They fire three times the number of shots as compared to other security service counterparts.  They make illicit payments to victim’s families. 

 This incident ranks with Abu Ghraib and Haditha. I really hope heads roll.


Here is a link:


One response to “Brazen branding

  1. Did any one else think it was a bit strange that the Pentagon announced another contract with Blackwater for $92 million when that company is at the center of multiple U.S. and Iraqi investigations? I certainly did, although I’m not surprised. The U.S. needs to use mercenaries to fill the gaps in its military. Gaps created by Donald Rumsfeld´s neo-liberal project to privatize the armed forces, an incredibly radical move that even the father of neo-liberalism, Miltion Friedman, never advocated. Oh, and Blackwater doesn’t approve of using the “M” word, they refer to themselves as “Professional Warriors.” It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

    I’d suggest Jeremy Scahill’s book “Blackwater: Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army.” The book is a great introduction to Blackwater and the growing privatization of war. Scahill is an authority on the subject and has been closely following Blackwater for years. Earlier this year, he testified before a congressional hearing about the use of private contractors in Iraq and Afghanistan.

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