Mission accomplished

Karl Rove and Alberto Gonzales have successfully left the public eye unscathed. It’s one Bush Administration accomplishment that can use the “Mission Accomplished” banner.


The congressional inquiries into their supposed misconduct in the firing of nine U.S. attorneys and the warrantless domestic spying case are seemingly nonexistent.

Their absence from public life has regretfully shifted the attention of journalists and lawmakers.

Gonzales surfaced with a CNN opinion piece that induces vomit.

He stood behind the “I-pulled-myself-up” pulpit and talked in hyperbole about “dignity” and “truth.”

Yet, dignity isn’t when you travel to John Ashcroft’s hospital bed to hastily renew the warrantless spying directive. Truth isn’t when you repeatedly say “I don’t recall” about details of the U.S. attorney firings when colleagues have universally discredited your vague testimony.


The Gonzales crap:



One response to “Mission accomplished

  1. It’s quite the accomplishment to drop lower than Aschcroft in my consideration, but congrats Alberto, you did it. The attorney firings were bad enough in themselves, a complete politicalization of the Justice Department, the ONE department that needs at all cost to stay as depoliticized as possible. But let’s not forget about the infamous ‘torture memo’ that Gonzales was the architecht of before he became attorney general. This guy was an absolute scumbag, like so many others in the administration, one of the good ol’ boys that followed Bush from Texas to D.C. and it was clear from the beginning that his alliegence lay overwhelmingly with Bush as opposed to the public office he served. My concern with the fact that all these people who were so close to Bush and formed part of his inner circle have left him either due to their mistakes or in attempts to distance themselves from the disaster that is the Bush Presidency. With all these people gone who is filling up the power vacuum in the White House? Let us all hope that it isn’t Cheney, he was perhaps already the most powerful vice president ever, the last thing we need is to give him more control. He is chomping at the bits to get at Iran – absolute worst case senerio.

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