Wise move

To quote a U2 song (and this is an absolute first), “I finally found what I’m looking for.”

Politico.com has a story on a political action committee, Democratic Courage, whose main goal is stopping the election of Hillary Clinton.

This is a necessary cause. She is the least affable candidate most importantly with her stances on the top two issues: Iraq and health care.

She routinely fought comment on her wrong vote for the Iraq invasion. She rejected opportunities to call that vote a mistake. She waffles on strategy.

Her health care plan was shortsighted and a knee-jerk reaction to the leading plans from John Edwards and Barack Obama.

She is the most over-calculated, opinion-poll candidate in this election, and amid this field, that is quite an accomplishment.

Certainly more on this later …




Democratic Courage:



One response to “Wise move

  1. Why you hatin’ on Hillary? You might as well accept the inevitabile. Philosophers say suffering occurs when you deny reality. You don’t want to suffer do you? I mean right now…

    The last month run up to the Iowa Caucuses will be mighty interesting. You’re right she is being exposed for being rather inauthentic. We’ll see if the dwarfs can capitalize on it.

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