Coward or Courageous

Diane Feinstein is willing to ignore waterboarding, but Daniel Levin can’t.

Feinstein, a California senator, will overlook the denials from attorney general nominee, Michael Mukasey, that waterboarding, or simulated drowning, is torture to approve his confirmation by the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

Meanwhile, Levin, a former Department of Justice official, subjected himself to waterboarding and wrote it was torture in 2004. He was let go after the nomination of Alberto Gonzales. (Thanks to ABC News for breaking this amazing story.)

Feinstein believes blocking Mukasey’s confirmation will result in a recess appointment by Bush. 

“That would bring about diminished transparency, diminished congressional oversight and would not be for the benefit of the [Justice] Department,” she said.

The true damage is the possibility that Mukasey agrees with waterboarding and other Orwellian “enhanced interrogation techniques.”

Levin had the courage to stand up in defiance to the administration and lost his job. Feinstein doesn’t have to worry about losing her job, yet forcing straight, concrete answers from Mukasey isn’t her priority.

A brief word association: 

Feinstein:  Coward.

Levin: Courageous.



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