A conservative echo

I was five feet from the voting booth yesterday — ready to support liberals — when a conservative wisper was heard.

The election judge just told me I wasn’t registered, although I voted there after I registered there during the September primary. What?

A little Barry Goldwater appeared on my left shoulder and asked, “do you really want to support politicians that will likely increase the size of city government that will probably result in less efficiency?”

Goldwater was joined by Ronald Reagan as I begrudgingly walked to my apartment to get a power bill to prove my residency. (We’ll ignore the fact that I have driver’s license with an old address.) I shortly returned to the polling station and filled out the same registration form I scribbled on in September.

Upon my return, I spoke with the election judge about this oversight. She said, “That is our government for you. There is a lady that has voted here forever that still has to fill out a registration form every time.”

The conservative voice turned into an echo. I still voted liberal because of the social issues, but the efficiency certainly leaves something to be desired. 

Today’s noxious number relates to government inefficiency.


The number of Americans on the terrorist-watch list. A close runner-up for noxious number is:


The number of days it takes the Transportation Security Administration to process a terrorist-watch list complaint.

The USA Today story:


This list is bogus. Fear mongering at its all-inclusive worst. The list has the elderly and children on it and defines the worst in government excess. My re-registering was insignificant compared to this “precaution.”

I know one life that was effected by this egregious overreaction. He was a Hawaiian environment activist — not Al Qaeda. This lawyer was trying to protect the Hawaiian paradise through conservation, but Homeland Security labeled him a “threat!” This kind man had trouble traveling and was constantly harassed, thanks to the post-9/11 freak show.



One response to “A conservative echo

  1. Have conservatives made government more “efficient”? They usually cut services and programs. We get less for less. I want to see leadership that provide the same (or more) for less. That’s efficiency!

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