Duck and blunder

If the preparedness solely meant batteries and non-perishables, I’d support the messages.

But once the scare tactics result in associating illegal immigrants with terrorism and sending sixth-graders to “Be Ready Camp” where they learn about “terrorism awareness,” I want to start my “Chill the Ef Out Campaign.” 

It’s ridiculous to instill fear in the youth and electorate of this country. 9/11 was an aberration. Katrina was a once-a-century natural disaster. I’m certainly not justifying either the act or occurrence. They were terrible moments in our American history, but we shouldn’t be living in fear. That isn’t our style.

I’m currently reading about Katrina and the most important thing Chris Rose, a Pulitzer-Prize winning New Orleans Times-Picayune columnist, believed the Big Easy needed most was a return to normalcy. The ironic abetting cops gave strip clubs operating in ignorance to dusk curfew in the French Quarter. And the return of humor:

“Early on, in the hairy days of Aftermath, the owner/proprietor/squatter who was living in [a store had] spray-painted (I’m not a handwriting analyst, but I’d say it was with some urgency), ‘Don’t try: I am sleeping inside with a big dog, an ugly woman, two shotguns and a claw hammer.”

Claw hammer. Nice touch.

Then, in a spray-paint posting dated 9/4/05 (talk about meticulous graffiti!), it says ‘Still here. Woman left. Cooking a pot of dog gumbo.’

As I said, dire times call for dire humor. Or maybe it wasn’t a joke; some strange things have happened around here lately.

Anyway, in a spray-painted update dated 9/24, it says, ‘Welcome back y’all. Grin & bear it.’

Ain’t that the truth? I mean, what are the other choices?”

The other choice is to wallow and shrivel in fear of a pending, maybe fictitious disaster. That isn’t how I’ll live my life. Because, obviously, it’s more fun on the outside.


Commander Ready (above), Readydoku and other obscene cold-war-era-like crap at:



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