Noxious number: ludicrous lashes


The number of lashes a Saudi Arabian female rape victim will receive, said a Saudi court Tuesday. The girl was privately meeting with her former boyfriend when a group of seven men kidnapped them and raped them both. The 20-year-old girl appealed the decision and got an increase of 110 lashes from the original sentence of 90.

Under Islamic law, women cannot be alone with men that aren’t their husbands. If women are found with men, lashing is a typical punishment. Lashing is also decreed in crimes of homosexuality, drinking alcohol, theft and adultery. In the court’s decision, the rapists received prison terms of two to nine years. (Information from the New York Times.) 

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a former Muslim and current western politician, wrote in her biography “Infidel” that “women are expected to be baarri or a pious slave. She honors her husband’s family and feeds them without question or complaint. She never shines or makes demands of any kind. She is strong in service, but her head is bowed.”

Arab boys, meanwhile, are often in charge. They will turn off the TV show their mothers are watching and order their sisters off their chairs.

This dominate mentality was evidenced by the seven pederasts.

“When you’re born a woman, you must live as a woman,” Ali’s grandmother said quoting a proverb. “The quicker you understand that, the easier it will be to accept.”

Human rights in Saudi Arabia remains poor, according to Human Rights Watch. Saudis have enacted no reforms and continually diminish the rights of women. The Bush Administration cited Iraq’s human rights offenses in the run up to the Iraq war, but the Saudis marks were more egregious then. Yet Bush is a crony of the King Abdullah, the leader of the Saudi monarchy, and would do nothing to jeopardize that favoritism.


The most disturbing passage in the first 50 pages of Ali’s book deals with female mutilation. (Warning: This is detailed and grotesque.)

“In Somalia, like many countries across Africa and the Middle East, little girls are made ‘pure’ by having their genitals cut out. There is no other way to describe this procedure, which typically occurs around the age of five. After the child’s clitoris and labia are carved out, scraped off, or in more compassionate areas, merely cut or pricked, the whole area is often sew up, so that a thick band of tissue forms a chastity belt made of the girl’s own scarred flesh. A small hole is carefully situated to permit a thin flow of pee. Only great force can tear the scar tissue wider, for sex.

Female genital mutilation predates Islam. Not all Muslims do this, and a few of the peoples who do are not Islamic. But in Somalia, where virtually every girl is excised, the practice is always justified in the name of Islam. Uncircumcised girls will be possessed by devils, fall into vice and perdition, and become whores. Imams never discourage the practice: it keeps girls pure.”

The hypocrisy in Saudi Arabia is maddening. The Saudi ambassador to Britain, Prince Mohammad bin Nawwaf bin Abdul Aziz, went on a tremendous shopping spree, according to London’s Guardian newspaper. The prince spent $2,500 on an unnamed item for a hotel party in Casablanca titled: “Girls: party night 5.” It sounds like a night of strict Koran devotions. Ha!

I don’t claim to know the details and virtues of Islam, but women’s rights must, and I mean must, be rectified.



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