Point proven

CNN’s special on negative political ads set to follow the Republican debate got a head start during the banter last night. Moderator Anderson Cooper cut to 30-second spots for YouTube videos from each candidate. The candidates fed the hand CNN extended.

And the majority of candidates didn’t properly use the marketing opportunity. Many, instead, used fear mongering about immigration and terrorism (Tancredo, Hunter), or mud-slinging on fellow Republicans (Thompson), or attacks on Clinton (don’t remember who, but likely Guiliani and others).

My forgetfulness on the latter example is the point. If the consumer (voter) doesn’t know what the ad stands for, or who it represents, then the purpose is lost.

The only candidate that effectively used the spot was former businessman Mitt Romney. He talked about hope hyperbole, but at least it was about him.

I didn’t watch the ads special, but CNN wired undecided voters to chart their approval during the debate. The lowest marks came during negative arguments between candidates.

Again, the issues take a back seat. 


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