Noxious number: inconvenient intelligence


As in World War III and 2003.

President Bush said in October that World War III was a possibility from a nuclear-armed Iran, while 16 U.S. intelligence agencies were concluding that Iran ended its military nuclear program in 2003.

Both Bush and Veep Cheney were at the fear-mongering pulpit with knowledge of the upcoming and contradictory National Intelligence Estimate, which was released to the public Monday.


Yet this intel revelation won’t detract the Administration hawks. They trumpeted the 2002 report that concluded Iraq had WMDs, but will ignore or diminish this report, citing Iran’s questionable intent. The intel was convenient and supportive in 2002, inconvenient and contrary today.

Top Administration officials were briefed on the conclusions of this assessment two weeks ago, but they must have been privy to its direction before Bush’s “World War III” comments and Cheney’s [as Iran continued to enrich uranium,] “the end of that process will be the development of nuclear weapons” rant.


The sunshine on this intel turnaround is necessary after the massive 2002 mishap, but intelligence officials said weeks ago that declassifications would end because analysts alter their judgements when they know it might go public.

Yet the judgement alterations we should be concerned about are those that favor political ends. (Framing intelligence to support wars.) Former CIA agent Valarie Plame said political pressure crept into her agency to an obvious detriment.

I agree with the hawks that the stance on Iran must remain skeptical. The Quds Force and Revolutionary Guard have infiltrated and peddled influence in Iraq and Iran-funded Hezbollah continues to terrorize Israel and Lebanon, if our intel is correct. …? Hopefully this breaking-news revelation will temper any reactions.

Let the sun shine. 


I came across this “What Would Geogre W. Bush Do?” diagram …



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