Fundamental(ist)s corrupt yo

A recent Time magazine poll displaying the most important political issues further proved Republican hypocrisy. The supposedly politically correct are the fundamentally corrupt.

The poll starts with ratings on the incoming President’s most important quality divided by party/issue affiliations.

1. Strong Leader

REP: 27 percent; DEM: 25

This is obvious. Everyone agrees our next president should be inspirational, diligent and reliable. Yet this isn’t the most important attribute for either political persuasion. … Moving on.

2. Strong moral character

REP: 39; DEM: 12

Republicans believe their morals are insurmountable. They inexplicably believe they understand what is best for every situation without a fundamental understanding of the intricacies. (Republican view this attribute the most important.) They want someone to stand up for Life because Choice isn’t necessary, it’s against their beliefs — which somehow, they believe, reign supreme.

In their world, options are futile, weak. Republicans are strong, ignorant narcissists — which this poll proves.

3. Good Judgement

REP: 21; DEM: 33

The best commander-in-chief will look at the facts and decide the best course of action with reason and understanding. It isn’t about the belief system, but the best result for the most people.


It shouldn’t have mattered if JFK was Catholic or if Romney is Mormon. The issue is whether a leader tells people what to do or gives people healthy, viable options. A leader sympathises and acts. 

It should be about another poll topic, “caring about people.” The percentage breakdown was:

REP: 5; DEM: 17

The dissension between “caring about people” and “strong moral character” proves pure hypocrisy. In the poll, when asked “what matters most to you” it was dead heat on “social/moral issues” with dems and reps at 26 percent.

Moral beliefs are supposed the be the No. 1 attribute of a President, yet “national security” leads the “what matters to you most” category. That supposed correlation tests MY good judgement.  Reps want to talk about defending freedom, but what are we defending when less than 1/2 of our resources go to what we are defending? 

The issue should be to strive for a collective living / creating an understanding.

An initial shocker in the poll is the Dems top vote-getter was “economic issues” for “what mattered most.”  After a little consternation, I thought the logic here is the first step to creating a collective living will be finding an equal playing field. 

Help out the middle class. Socialism is the prescription because we all can make good judgements. Will we always make good judgement? Hell no! But life — instincts and inhibitions — aren’t something to simply dispel because we’re supposedly all-knowing.

“Strong moral character” isn’t an underlying creed for Republicans because the “most important issue when choosing a candidate” was “sharing your views on issues”  and not “comfortable with character.” That proves it isn’t about principles, about right or wrong, but what They feel is right and what matches with what President No Head believes is right.

A good leader doesn’t sit at the Oval Office desk and send decrees based on some moral hierarchy. That is blasphemy.

A good leader is pragmatic, intelligent, independent and thoughtful.



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