Don’t dodge Dodd

Senator Chris Dodd took a principled stand Monday when he threatened filibuster to proposed phone company immunity legislation.

Dodd, a Democrat from Connecticut who is running for president, wasn’t on the campaign trail like colleagues Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. Dodd stood up in the chamber, with Russ Feingold and Edward Kennedy, and said, “We will not tolerate [Bush’s] abuse of power and veil of secrecy.”


The Administration wants to give AT&T, Verizon and other telecommunication companies immunity for their cooperation in the plan to eavesdrop on American citizens.

As a pundit from Air America said Monday on Countdown on MSNBC, there is no need for immunity if no laws were broken.

The Administration didn’t take these eavesdropping initiatives into the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, therefore, they broke the law. And now there are 40 lawsuits pending against telecom companies.


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid tabled the ensuing fight until 2008, although many Democrats want this issue resolved. These “leftists” are likely the same Democrats that regretted the August decision to expand the powers of the National Security Agency, who conduct the spying.

Clinton, Obama and Biden voiced their support for Dodd’s filibuster threat, but they weren’t in Washington to back him up.

Dodd, who should be my candidate for president after the results from an online quiz, defied this attack on civil liberties. Dodd is receiving a minuscule percentages in presidential polling and can justify staying Washington, but by doing so he showed why he should move to the White House.



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