Consumerism knocks. The laggard answers and purchases an iPod.

He had fought the mainstream throughout college. (What a revolutionary.) He rocked to a .3GB mp3 player forever. He got it as a present from an ex-girlfriend and delighted in the fact that he was still enjoying her gift after their messy break-up six years ago. (Ah, the revelry.) But the outdated device wouldn’t accept new music and, like with the ex, he needed to move on.

Marketing grabs. The boy upgrades and buys the 80-gig, sleek-black, handheld wonder. He quells the post-purchase dissonance with, “At least I didn’t go with the iPod Touch.” Marketing nabs again, “But iPod Touch is so sweet. Maybe I shoulda…” 

Greed bellows. The lustful customer rips music, transfer files and downloads more musical notes. Gigs are occupied. All is well. Greed beckons louder. The glutton wants  needs more!

Only 70 gigs to go, baby!

Time to shop. 

See ya. 



One response to “i

  1. Great PUN use with your name. Marketing prevails, it always does!

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