Debunking Republicans, again

Conservative war hawks believe liberal pansies want the U.S. to lose the Iraq War. Nope! Above all else, those panzies want our noble troops on the west side of the Atlantic. This isn’t a cowardly loss; it is a reasoned exit. 

But reason is something the Republicans lack.

According to a Pew Poll cited by Tony Blankley in the Duluth News Tribune, half of Americans believe the military effort is going well or fairly well, but 54 percent want the troops to come home.

Americans want this result because, foremost, it isn’t our war. Blankley believes “the war was worth the effort from the beginning.”

Yet, the objectives have continually change. First it was finding WMDs (check under that sand?). Then it was freeing Iraqis from Sadaam Hussein (“we’ll be greeted as liberators”). After that it was limiting Iraq’s plans to develop nuclear weapons (We can’t hear you, Joe Wilson?). Next it was stopping insurgents (what is a Shia?). Now it is supposedly believed that Iran gave up its nuclear program in 2003 when the U.S. invaded Iraq because they felt pressured (I see it now in a 2009 NIE report: Iranian president Mahmud I’m-a-dinner-jacket diagnosed with small-man complex and a pocket full of Black Cats).

C’mon. Stop changing the reasoning and bring the troops home. Enough already.

There are at least 160,000 Iraqi civilian deaths, with nearly 4,000 American deaths and 30,000 American wounded.

No time for games with “winners” and “losers.”



One response to “Debunking Republicans, again

  1. I read that Blankely article the other day as well. It struck me that he was actually championing the war and occupation as the right thing to have done, even knowing everything that we do now. It’s clear that the occupation has benefited some people, but the vast majority of US citizens and certainly Iraqis haven’t seen any benefits. The poll numbers reflect that reality. How is the USA going to spread democracy when it currently operates as a marginal blueprint.

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