Baging a Telfair

I’ve purposely avoided the monstrosity that is the Minnesota Timberwolves this season. In the pieces I saw from Tuesday’s lethargic loss to Golden State, Jim Peterson provided a small spark.

The Wolves’ color guy went after Sabastian Telfair. Peterson criticized the third-year “pro” for not converting an easy 2-on-1 break and failing to get the front-end of a simple 3-point play, both in the third quarter. Peterson, who had an eight-year NBA career, said Telfair should be playing against backup players and when he goes against the likes of Baron Davis, he will get exposed.

Well put Pete.

An e-mailed question to Tom Hanneman and Peterson in the broadcast booth asked what the Wolves should do about a lack of defensive ability on the perimeter. My answer No. 1: Marko Jaric is too slow to play guard. Answer No. 2: Telfair, who still believes the “second-coming” billing he received in high school, is too cool to man up.



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