Will to survive

Activist Brad Will wanted his causes to reach the mainstream. Sadly, it took his death for his goal to be realized.

This month Rolling Stone has a great piece on Will, who became a documentary filmmaker/journalist with Indymedia to capture liberal efforts. He went to Oaxaca, Mexico to cover a teachers strike and was killed on Oct. 27, 2006 — supposedly by an undercover cop –while he filmed the strike/riot.

Will (1970-2006) championed workers rights, environmental issues and anti-globalization. The Kenilworth, Ill., native  was an anarchist who took on the religious right when he married a man during a mock ceremony in front of a Promise Keepers rally. He stared down a wrecking ball while atop the New York apartment building he was squatting in.

If you’re interested in his life, check out the in-depth Rolling Stone piece. Here is the video he shot of his death:

R.I.P. Will. 


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