Whenever, Wherever, However ….

The U.S. can fight hostile groups in neighboring countries of Iraq, according to a military document released by Wikileaks.org.

The online muckrakers have disclosed confidential military guidelines on rules of engagement in the Middle East. (Isn’t the Internet beautiful?)


The document says U.S. forces can pursue the Special Republican Guard, Al Quds and the Mahdi Army in Syria and Iran.

This 27-page memorandum essential deems the U.S. the authority to fight in the broader Middle East, without congressional approval or oversight.


The U.S. believes it can do whatever, whenever and however they please. This imperialist mindset got the U.S. into Iraq in the first place and will be the reason the conflict will continue for decades to come. There are no checks and balances.

 The military said this disclosure was irresponsible. No, waging a war beyond the granted jurisdication is irresponsible. Flat out wrong.

Thanks the Wikileaks for bringing another renegade initiative to the sunshine.


(Cartoon from Arab News)


One response to “Whenever, Wherever, However ….

  1. wikileaks went *poof* 😦

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