Jump through this hoop, blink twice, pass go

U.S. democracy has a funny way of showing that its representative.

The electoral college takes precedent over the popular vote.

The super delegates are poised to matter more than primaries and caucuses in the presidential campaign.

Forget suppressing intercity voter turnout and electronic voting machine fraud for a minute. The true problems lie in the parameters of how we elect our leaders.

How should the opinion of Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, matter more than Nate Pearson and his softball-team drinking buddies in Albuquerque? 

Why should phone calls from Tom Daschle for Barack Obama and Bill Clinton for his wife, Hillary, to Beltway dignitaries carry more weight than the movement Natalie Pierce and her student organizers have established in Berkeley? Or that of Deb Anderson and her fellow accountants in North Platte, Neb.?



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