The good die young, a whistleblower Web site, was recently told to cease operations by a California court.

Last week, Wikileaks broke a story about an inside U.S. military initiative that authorizes fighting terrorists in Iran and Syria. The New York Times wrote about the issue, which Wikileaks broke.

Wikileaks, which allowed sources to post anonymously since 2006, provided people the ability to dissent.

If employers embezzle, or the government lies, people with knowledge should have an accessible outlet such as Wikileaks. They should have the ability to speak openly and freely, without consequence.

With 1.2 million documents posted on the site, there was a definite need for something like this.

This is an assault on press freedoms, but a more pragmatic approach is establishing a future site like Wikileaks.



One response to “The good die young

  1. The Supreme Court ruled in 1917 in Schenk v. USA that free speech is not absolute. If the speech puts people in harms way, it is not allowed.
    e.g one can not yell ”fire” in a crowded theatre.


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