Unquote” J. Krishnamurti

“‘Tomorrow I will be, tomorrow I will change, tomorrow I will become;’ psychologically, we have created time — tomorrow. Is there a tomorrow psychologically? That question fills us with dread to ask seriously. Because we want tomorrow: ‘I shall have the pleaseure of meeting you tomorrow, I am going to understand tomorrow, my life will be different tomorrow, I will realize enlightenment tomorrow.’ Therefore tomorrow will become the most important thing in our life. You had sex yesterday, all the pleasures, all the agonies — whatever it is — and you want it tomorrow because you want that same pleasure repeated.

Put that question to yourself and find out the truth in it. ‘Is there a tomorrow at all?’ — except in thought which projects tomorrow. So tomorrow is the invention of thought as time, and if there is no tomorrow psychologically, what happens in life today? Then there is tremendous revolution, isn’t there? Then your whole action undergoes a radical change, doesn’t it? Then you are completely whole now, not projecting from the past, through the present, into the future.”

… You don’t say, ‘I will love tomorrow,’ do you? You love or you don’t love. Love has no time, only sorrow has time — sorrow being thought, as in pleasure.”

G: Everyone goes to bed thinking about tomorrow, about what went wrong that day. How they can change it. We must be aware of this constant want to change. Is it productive? Would it be more beneficial to understand?


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