Noxious numbers: A FEW mistakes


The unknown number of instances the FBI abused its power through the Patriot Act to obtain phone, e-mail and  financial information on people involved in investigations without a court warrant.

This isn’t an issue, according to Bushies, because the FBI has curtailed the problem. CURTAILED? After thousands of instances.

It’s like a child sticking her hand in the cookie jar, devouring 10 of the dozen and arguing she has stopped her mischeviousness. “It’s OK, now,” she panders.

Desperate measure


The amount of days Leslie Angeline of the Code Pinkers fasted while she sought impeachment proceedings for Veep Cheney.

She gave it up after developing an upper respiratory infection.


Angeline recoils while Cheney sits idly nearby after mastermining a war without pretense, clearing tourture, and allowing Americans to be unjustly spied on.



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