Anniversary of a love affair

With March Madness just over a week away, I’ve begun to long for Kevin Pittsnogle.

Nobody captivated my college hoops attention more than the 3-point-poping, chest-thumping, tattoo-flaunting big man from the Mountaineers of West Virginia.

My favorite YouTube clips from the “Kevin Pittsnogle Mix” were the double-gauzed nose at the beginning (bad ass) and the white tux and top hat toward the end (stud).


“You’ve been Pittsnogled”:

YouTube also has a slew of clutch highlights from my all-time favorite back-country big man. I must clarify, I haven’t forgotten about Pittsnogle’s Robin, Mike Gansey, the one-time runner-up to Lebron James for Mr. Ohio basketball.

I’ll conclude with Bill Raftery: “With a lil’ blow by!”



One response to “Anniversary of a love affair

  1. Love it G, although it truly does depress me to a certain degree (honestly). Even the Big East tourney and seeing Huggy on the sidelines depressed me. Also, don’t forget pizza and hotdogs for the meal at Noggles wedding. That’s a hunka-man boy…

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