Just better at it

For a decade, Nike has cleared the marketing bar with a effortless Fosbury Flop. They contantly turn 30-second advertising spots into a confident show, a full production, not a sleazy sale.


For Nike, through Ladainain Tomlinson, “My better … is better than your better.”

With a mix of pros like Steve Nash and Adrian Peterson and an assortment of 12-year-olds set to Saul William’s funky sound, it makes you want to sprint,  do jumping jacks, run up a set of stairs, or grab your dusty medicine ball. Where can I get a parachute?

Nike turns a shoe commerical into a silky-smooth short movie.


(Saul Williams, after listening to three downloaded tracks, is Gnarls Barkley meets Rage Against the Machine. THe Nike commerical song is “List of Demands.”)


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