Worth 2.34 Denny Hockings

I caught very few innnings of Twins spring-training games, so Opening Day was a first time to play the new trivia challenge “Guess Who” with the no-name replacements in the Minnesota infield.

I uddered, “Huh?” and “which one is which?” on more than a few occassions at the unrecognizable second baseman, third baseman and shortstop.

These guys look like repackaged Jason Bartletts, not the playmakers the Twins need. If Denny Hocking were a currency, the Twins would have 2.34 Hockings worth when they need to fill three, full positions. 


Nick Punto might be relegated to a utility-player role for now, but if he remains a backup, his futile, flirting-with-.200 batting average could be challenged by Adam Everett.

These Twins are so new, that Bert Blyleven — whom I’m already fed up with after nine short innings — called one player by his brothers name and made up an alias for another. He called Delmon Young: Dmitri and Adam Everett: Scott Everett.

(I’ll give Bert a break. It takes until mid-May to be able to recite word-for-word the Twins’ media guide with proper names, WHIP and OPS, years of MLB service, where the played college ball, height, weight, their RBI production in day games on turf. … AND he has the strenuous duty to circle people! Whewww.)



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