Noxious numbers: War profiteering

The people in charge of refereeing the the U.S.’ wars are the same congress members who are profiting off its existence.


The number of dollars that U.S. lawmakers have invested in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to the Center of Responsive Politics from an Inter Press Service story. The leader of this outrageous conflict of interest is 2004 presidential candidate and supposed anti-war legislator John Kerry, who has between $28-38 million invested.


The number of lawmakers with investments in companies with war contracts. That number is over 1/4 of the total count of legislators.

Proving his ineptitude

John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, confused Iraqi sects Tuesday at the Armed Services Committee hearing. It is the second time in two weeks he has made this mistake — proof that it wasn’t a mere one-time slip.

On the lighter side, play this word game making fun of McCain’s supposed temper.


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