Gonzo First Tank: Slammin’ hicks

Barack Obama slammed people in small-town Pennsylvania when he called them bitter for clinging to religion, guns, anti-trade and anti-immigration sentiments in the wake of lost jobs over the last 25 years.

1. This is the juiciest political misstep in a week, so it’s hastily gang-tackled by the short-term-memory media. 

2. It was a misstep to use the word “bitter” and  ” [to] cling to religion and guns.” That’s just politically stupid.

3 (and likely most importantly). They probably are bitter for losing their jobs, but it isn’t the way to approach it, especially as a politician. Anger didn’t work for John Edwards, and it certainly won’t work for Obama, whose entire campaign is based on “hope.”

A moment in saucy reflection

Is that a naked woman in Dick Cheney’s glasses? First off, I didn’t know the ambiguous Veep, who fights for America “in the shadows,” actually smiled.

It turns out, it’s all for naught. After seeing a high-resolution image, the reflection is his hand casting while on a fishing trip.

But stop, Cheney smiles?

That remains a newsworthy item.



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