Unquote” Jon Stewart

“Reverend Wright is the best thing to happen to cable news since a lost white girl.”

Jon Stewart’s line tonight was painfully true. Jeremiah Wright speaks from his bully pulpit and the pack of media dogs swarm — regardless of Wright’s strong, tenured resume for national and social service. The media would rather tackle the sound bite — which is awful — but not the whole story on Wright, much less Barack Obama.

The prolonged Democratic fight for the White House has been counterproductive. All politics, no policy discussions.

It’s a bunches of Bosnia and bitter, followed by more bull shit. Thanks everyone.





One response to “Unquote” Jon Stewart

  1. Apparently that is what happens when private corporations control the government of a state. corporatism is what we are up against, right now all major politicians are pro-corporate. Its the name of the game. And its not going to change. The sooner we wake up to that fact the better.

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