Translating neanderthal

Lame duck Bush cracks jokes with Americans as the unintentional butt.

In a speech for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month on Thursday, YOUR president said:

“The East Room is a fitting place to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. I say fitting because in 1860, this was where James Buchanan first — became the first President to receive an official delegation from Japan. It was a great meeting — except for one slight wrinkle. The interpreter the Japanese brought with them couldn’t speak English. (Laughter.) So he translated Japanese into Dutch — (laughter) — and then another interpreter translated Dutch into English. (Laughter.) I thought that was pretty interesting. People say when I speak, it sounds like Japanese translated into Dutch translated to English. (Laughter.) I’m just upholding a diplomatic tradition. (Laughter.)

Bush saying “diplomatic” must be as easy as “nuclear.” If we must translate his language, it must be a neo-con translator who understands “ignorance.” They must translate it into “neanderthal” — Bush’s native tongue — and then into “arrogance.”

William Kristol, Sean Hannity, Pat Robertson, Bob Novak, Bill O’Reilly, Karl Rove and Ann Colter and many others are literate in all three! (Although they might not admit to neanderthal.)

No one should be laughing — you’re the joke.





One response to “Translating neanderthal

  1. Maybe I am the neanderthal, how does this slam Americans? Also, many people do rip on the President for his verbal faux pau’s. Why then does he get ripped when he admit’s it? How would you do speaking to a crowd everyday, a la a classroom, let alone the world?

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