Noxious numbers: Stop it!


The amount of American troops from January to March who have been stop-lossed (read: forced) to go back to Iraq after serving their requisite tours.

This back-door draft has been necessary after the tour length was increased to 15 months from 12 per the surge.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the issue “troubles” him. Yet, the more egregious issue is how this is allowed to be conducted.

Gitmo gotcha — again 

The Guantanamo Bay prison camp reared its ugly head again Thursday.

  • The U.S. commander in Pakistan, Jay Hood, stepped down after two short months on the job due to his previous involvement with the camp. Public pressure cited his role in defiling a detainees Koran and force feeding other captives on hunger strikes.

This show how Gitmo is ruining the America’s standing in the eyes of foreigners.

  • A Baghdad suicide bomber said the “torture” he was subjected to at Gitmo was his reasoning for committing the bombing.

According to a Defense Intelligence Agency report, 36 former Gitmo detainees have taken part in violent acts against the West.

Some criminal justice advocates would say the 36 support the need to have Gitmo, but if we torture and don’t provide habeas corpus to the captives aren’t we propagating the hatred?




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