Steppin’ on toes

Three anecdotes explain why last weekend awkwardly jived to the dance moves — two steps forward, one step back.

1. A peaceful Saturday-afternoon boating excursion with friends and a few cocktails digressed into the awful movie “Don’t Mess with the Zohan.” Hey Adam Sandler, these lame movies mess with your once-spotless reputation.

2. A wee-hour discussion Sunday morning about politics and the progress the country has made with race (Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee) was discredited as the talk shifted to another topic — Muslims and the “War on Terror.” There hasn’t been a sea change in accepting others; it has redirected to another demographic. (Another overheard, independent comment backs up that statement.)

3. A Monday-night run started out with temperatures in the mid-50s and a slight breeze over Lake Superior. My gait was aided by a large, bright-orange, crescent moon perched atop the hill. Fast forward 20 minutes — the breeze morphed into wind-chill gusts, the moon hid, and I picked up the pace to get home sooner.



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