First Tank: Duh!

Obesity — it’s an epidemic. I get it, but lets not make it something that it isn’t.

It’s about choice. Yesterday, I watched an overweight 20-something woman in the grocery-store line buy frozen pizza after frozen pizza, snack pack after snack pack and 12-pack of pop after 12-pack of pop. I don’t care how great Black Cherry Coke tastes, it foolish to buy that crap.

Class, certainly, plays a legitimate role in unhealthy lifestyles. I’ve seen the produce options in the neighborhood Ma and Pa Shop on 4th Street. It’s nothing I’d want to ingest.

Genetics, obviously, have their part, too. It’s my reasoning for my lack of a six pack.

After I saw the grocery bill, I felt like I had chocked on one of the grapes I had just bought for SIX! dollars. So maybe, she was felt wiser with the two-dollar pizzas.



One response to “First Tank: Duh!

  1. Not to sound like a cracked-out conspiracy theorist, but it’s interesting to see what kind of food our government subsidizes; mainly corn, which is made into corn syrup, which is made into just about everything that’s unhealthy.

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