First Tank: Movin’

Why does “smart politics” consist of Democrats moving to the center, and Republicans moving to the right?

Yeah, votes. But neither move demonstrates principle. I guess I shouldn’t have assumed that politicians had integrity.

John McCain, the once supposed maverick who worked both sides of the political aisle, has moved to the right on a slew of issues. Like a pimp in need of hoes. 

As Matt Taibbi points out in Rolling Stone, McCain has switched his opinion on two issues that once had his name on legislation with the other opinion. He has reversed course on immigration, Roe v. Wade, Bush’s tax cuts — and, in dizzying fashion, torture.

Meanwhile on the left …

Barack Obama now supports an “overhaul” to domestic spying legislation. (“Overhaul” is Republican code for another invasion of civil liberties.) Obama, who is often criticized for his most-liberal senator label, used to support a filibuster to the changes.

Now, Senator Russ Feingold, a seemingly true liberal, has to lead Obama’s ditched effort there.

Obama has tried to shield himself from the right’s tactics to associate him with Islam and — ostensibly — terrorism. At a recent event, his camp moved two Muslim women to try and shield the image of him speaking in front of them. And oops! He got busted. In additional reporting it was learned, he hasn’t campaigned in a mosque. I guess “hope” is only shared in churches and synagogues.

John Edwards had advice for Obama on how to beat McCain, “By speaking from his heart — ’cause his heart’s in the right place — and not getting all tangled up in his head.”




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