From Kansas to Kenya, Barack Obama possess the ability to unite the world.

He garners an international gravitational pull, evidenced today with his speech in Berlin.

As Jon Stewart joked earlier this week, “Obama visited Bethlehem. The site of his birth.”

There are limitations, however, to his unifying nature, evidenced Wednesday in Israel. 

Obama fell back to the unconditional support of Israel, despite of the neutrality the U.S. should have in the Israeli-Palestinian squabble. The U.S. stance should be the establishment of a Palestinian state, accountability for Israel’s occupation of Gaza and their suspect military actions. Not the issue of Jeruselem as the capital of Israel. 

Obama took a harder line on Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, when it shows sanctions and tough talk produces little substantive diplomacy.

The bottom line: Obama is the President of Dreamerica!

He can bring people together, and I shook that dude’s hand.



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