Slash and burn

Sarah Palin, the self-described “hockey mom,” slashes, high-sticks and checks from behind when she says she supports working-class folk.

The Alaskan governor worked up the GOP base with her convention speech Wednesday in St. Paul, but her record resembles another acronym for GOP — Gouging Ordinary People.

She vetoed a state program that would assist teenage mothers, something that is uniquely relevant given her 17-year-old daughter’s current pregnancy. (1)

On Wednesday, Palin said she would be an advocate for mothers of special need children, of which she is a member, but she cut state funding for those children by over 60 percent while she was governor. (2)

The self-described “reformer” said she was against the “Bridge to Nowhere,” but she was originally for taking taxpayer money, and she took the federal earmark money for other causes anyway.  (3)

As mayor of a tiny town, she even hired a lobbyist tied to indited Sen. Ted Stevens to help gather federal money. The city received $27 million. (4)

While in the pocket of oil, she vetoed money for new energy initiatives. (5)

On Wednesday, Palin said she would be an advocate for education, but she cut education programs that involved classroom technology upgrades. (6)

Palin can say she is a “hockey mom” and a “reformer,” but her short history proves otherwise.


1 — Washington Post; 2 — CNN; 3, 4 — Truth Dig; 5 — Juneau Empire; 6 — Fairbanks News Miner.


One response to “Slash and burn

  1. But she’s got five kids! And she’s a woman! And a former beauty queen! And…

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