Noxious numbers: Passport and interview


The year Sarah Palin got her first passport. But despite her obvious lack of foreign affairs experience, she tells Charlie Gibson that see is ready to be president, if need be.

Understanding comes through experience. If you have no experience — regardless of a quick trip to Kuwaitt — you have no understanding, and that is the utmost requirement to be lead this country.

1 in 13

The number of interviews (1) Palin has given in days as the Republican Veep candidate (13).

If you are applying for a job, you need to go through the interview process. Palin believed she was above this vetting. Unacceptable.



One response to “Noxious numbers: Passport and interview

  1. In those 13 days Sarah Palin has faced more media scrutiny than the 2 years Obama has been running. Besides this recent trip to Europe and the 2 war fronts [ which he was shamed into going to] what exactly is Obama’s foreign experience? He had only been to Europe 1 time before this summer and it wasn’t to meet with heads of state. We Dems had better stop with the dripping condencension of Palin because it only causes the world to punch harder, look deeper, and demand answers from a guy that has NEVER been vetted in 2 years. Our microscopic examination of Palin looks like attacks because we never ask the hard questions to Obama. O’Reilly’s questions to Obama looked like a cake-walk compared to the “look over the rim of his glasses” gotcha condescension of Gibson. He wanted her to fail, set it up so she would fail and yet, surprise, surprise, she held her ground and took it all in stride. His new “tough guy” approach made me wonder what he would ask Obama?
    Here are a few questions in case he reads this:

    ” Since you went to a Prep school when you lived with your, CEO of a bank Grandmother,
    how does that qualify you to understand the public school system other less fortunate children are forced to attend?”

    “Where do your daughter’s go to school?”

    “Do you have a personal chef ?”

    “Do you think it right that you took a pay-off from Tony Rezko [so you could buy a house beyond your means] and then provided political favors/kick-backs to him in return?”

    “You have have been highly critical of Governor Palin’s earmarks for Wasilla, yet you have asked for and received over $750,000 in earmarks, including $500,000 to 1 MILLION to the hospital where your wife is a vice president, tell me Senator, is this what they mean by graft or would you define that as nepotism?”

    “You have been pounding the stumps in righteous indignation over that fact that Governor Palin was once for the bridge to nowhere before she stopped it and used the money for more needed programs, yet you have failed to tell your supporters that BOTH you and Senator Biden actually VOTED for that same bridge to no where, aren’t you worried you are acting a wee bit hypocritical?”

    “Governor Palin found time in the last year, in spite of a full time job, and 4 [at that time] children to visit the wounded soldiers in Landstulh Germany, why haven’t you?”

    ” You claim Senator McCain follows Bush in lock-step yet he didn’t vote for that “give money to oil companies energy bill, YOU did!” Oops, maybe no one will check that out!
    one last question Senator…

    ” Today John McCain found time to honor those brave patriots of Flight 93 by giving a speech, laying a wreath and hugging the distraught families, where were you again…oh yea, having lunch with Bill Clinton to beg forgiveness for your incredible “who needs them” attitude,
    and while I’m here could you please throw me a life raft? Or better yet, do you think, when you lose in November, your supporters will blame YOU for failing to support Hillary or will they blame the evil Republicans for stealing another election. Oh well…you can always claim racism!

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