Noxious number: no middle road


The number of times John McCain voted against raising the minimum wage, according to Fox News’ Alan Combs in post-debate coverage Thursday night.

No wonder McCain didn’t mention middle class once in his presidential debate last week. That anti-middle-class mindset won’t help the country in these dire economic times.

These times certainly don’t call for an an inexperienced governor of Alaska that hasn’t had to balance a significance budget, with the massive energy advantages her state possesses.

Last night in the debate, Palin showed her naivete.

“How long have I been at this? Like five weeks,” Palin said. “So there hasn’t been a whole lot I have promised, except to do what is right for the American people, stop the greed and corruption on Wall Street, and the rescue plan has got to include that massive oversight that Americans are expecting and deserving. I don’t think that John McCain has made any promises that he would not be able to keep, either.”

You’re right, Palin. McCain will keep the minimum wage where it is, which isn’t right for the American people.


A nugget of vital news buried in the 13th paragraph in the New York Times’ Veep debate story was each candidate’s flag pin!

I made a flippant joke to a friend about Palin’s sparkling pin, but I never thought I’d read about it in the “paper of record.”

“Mr. Biden wore a flag pin on his lapel, just as his running mate, Senator Barack Obama, did at the presidential debate last week. Ms. Palin wore a larger and shinier American flag on her suit, leaving Mr. McCain as the only one of the four candidates who did not have a flag affixed to his suit.”


Go Folks Yourself

I get it. Sarah Palin is supposed to be one of us. But I don’t want the next Veep to be ‘one of us.’

I want the next Veep to be better than me. That is why he/she is the Veep and we are the reporters, the accountants and the salesmen.

Folksy talk got Bush elected, and Palin is trying to recreate it.

In the debate, she said, “Now doggone it, let’s look ahead and tell Americans what we have to plan to do for them in the future.”

The “Thrilla from Wasilla?”



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