Noxious number: Squirming around the surge


The number of detainees in Iraq’s Camp Bucca. (You thought Guantanamo was bad with more than 500 detainees.) According to The Nation magazine, that number has fluctuated between 7,200 and 26,000.

John McCain often credits the relative success of the surge without acknowledging the effort’s finer points. The resulting “freedom” and “peace” certainly wasn’t the sole effort of McCain’s favorite leader — General David Petraeus.

What happens to the “peace” when the former insurgents from the Sunni Awakening are taken off the government payroll by the majority Shiites?

What happens to the “peace” when the concrete blast walls that separate sectarian neighborhoods are taken down? (The walls currently are coming down.)

What happens to the “peace” when the 18,000 detainees are released?

I don’t believe the U.S. should be in Iraq, and when people believe we should stay because the surge’s success is tenuous, and others that say the surge’s success is a reason to leave, they are both being disingenuous.

The U.S. should leave not because/despite the surge. The U.S. should leave because/in shame of the occupation/unlawful detention.



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