Swine of the Week: Michele Bachmann

Let’s face it: Michele Bachmann, the blowhard U.S. Rep from Minn., could be “Swine of the Week” every week.

This week — like always — her “patriotism” led her to directly insert her American flag in her big mouth.

Bachmann suggested an expose on which congressional members were “pro-American or anti-American.”

She previously said the shift to more energy-efficient florescent light bulbs from incandescent ones was an assault on American freedoms.

These so-called divisions are the nonsense from the right that results in 9 percent approval ratings for Congress. It also falls in line with Sarah Palin, who said small towns in the U.S. are “real” because their residents are the ones who work in our factories, serve in our wars.

So, if a solider from Brooklyn, N.Y., dies in Iraq, is he a fake American, Jon Stewart questions.

Welcome to the “Swine of the Week” distinction, Bachmann. Get comfortable. I have a feeling you will be a routine honoree.

Updated 5 p.m.: Our least-favorite Minnesota Congress member is now blaming the “anti-American” comments on interviewer Chris Matthews. Further proof she is a swine.



One response to “Swine of the Week: Michele Bachmann

  1. It would be narrow minded and foolish to blame a 9% approval rating for Congress on the minority party. Why not talk about some of the asinine comments actions of the majority party? Do they not count or are held responsible for atrocious approval ratings. Very good for acknowledging the approval ratings though, it is wonder that our media does not expound on this fact. It also means that our Republican President has approval ratings that are 3x that of a Democratically held Congress.

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