Noxious number: Grab the orange and black plastic gun and let’s play Duck Hunt


The painful count of days President Bush — a duck so lame he is now maimed — will remain in office as of Wednesday. In a sign of expedient government, that is over two and a half months! What takes so damn long? Why can’t move-in day be, say, next week?



No wonder the American people can be so disenfranchised with Washington.

Gonzo disciple

In the essence of the Good Doctor, Hunter S. Thompson, Rolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi is now a blogger. (See the blogroll on the right.)

From post titles such as “Wall Street: Less Responsible than a Coked-Out NFL Running Back” and “The Title ‘Blogger’ Sickens Me. On the Lighter Side, Worldwide Financial Holocaust,” Taibbi tells it straight through only his lense.

Taibbi on Mitt Romney and the presidential race: “And I’m thinking to myself, ‘Are these guys trying to lose?’ How is it possible that the Republicans can’t find even one candidate who isn’t the goofiest motherfucker in the room every place he goes? Is this some kind of trap? More to the point, how can the Democrats possibly blow it this time? But then you remember — they’re the Democrats.”

Check it.



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