Swine of the Week: Medvedev

From France to Japan and Israel, many world leaders praised the presidential pick of Barack Obama. Nearly everyone offered at least a diplomatic congratulations. I mean even Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave acclaim!

The one glaring exception was Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. This “Swine of the Week” sent a letter to Obama commending his win, but he couldn’t keep his brinkmanship in the bag during his more-important state of the nation address. 

While Obama and President Bush offered their diplomacy from the stump or Oval Office, it was John McCain who added a windchill for a new Cold War with the statement that he looked into Vladamir Putin’s eyes and saw three letters: K, G, B.


So while McCain will continue to reside in one of his seven mansions, why did Medvedev feel the need to bring up the U.S. missile systems to Europe?

Granted the missile systems in Poland and other countries near Russia is a sign of coy interventionism by the U.S.,  but when Medvedev broached it immediately following the election, it was jocular and prematurely timed.

It shows that Russia will not sit on the sidelines while the U.S. — led by Obama — continues its hegemony. (Note: Neither should they be merely spectators, but their timing was ill.)

From a member of the United Nations Security Council to influence on Iran, Medvedev — more importantly, Putin — and Russia will be a necessary ally during Obama’s presidency.

They also, however, must be watched, as Medvedev’s lack of a cordial greeting to Obama showed. For instance, Russia’s military budget has increased 500 percent since 2000, according to Foreign Affairs. Another matter of international policy significance is Russia’s regional influence on Ukraine, Georgia, the Baltic countries and other former Soviet Union nations.

Bottom line: Medvedev should have shown at least an ounce of restraint. Even reigning “Swine of the Week” honoree and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, who said Obama had anti-American views during the campaign, retreated and praised Obama’s win.



One response to “Swine of the Week: Medvedev

  1. Michele Bachmann compared Obama’s administration to The Sopranos the day after the election on right-wing hate radio, and said Obama will bring “full-bore rampant socialism” to America. So don’t be too quick to praise Bachmann–she’s still The Swine of the Week in Minnesota’s 6th District.

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