New beginning

Enough with organized opinions, the Tank now returns to its roots. This foray was founded on the 4 a.m. stream of consciousness. Here’s the motivation that provoked a comeback:


“This seemed Gonzo Think Tank-ish. …,” wrote Willie on the back of this postcard.

… Uhem. … In a knee-jerk rhythm like W: “Gotta put food on your family.” “Nucler, Nuclear, Nukes.” … WMDs. … Yellow cake. … “Mission Accomplished.” … Blackwater. … Katrina. … Lower Ninth Ward. … Syringes next to Mardi Gras beads. … “Heck of a job Brownie!” … Guantanamo. … Water boarding. … Orange jumpsuits. … Domestic wiretapping. … 

I wonder. … Besides his messiah capabilities, is Obama also the mason that can rebuild this?


(To Willie, who provoked my mind’s movement back to the roots. Note: The picture is of an ice sculpture by Ligorano and Reese made near the third anniversary of the Iraq War.)


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