Bag it up, Boise

The blue frost-bitten faces on the fans, who actually went to the Humanitarian Bowl, matched the December-frozen and pathetically-gimmicky blue turf in Boise, Idaho. I bet, to compound the football malaise, half of those fans assumed it was a humanitarian aid rally for Darfur and left by halftime because at the end of that Maryland-Nevada yawner there were maybe 5,000 in Boise. 

Some dude faking excitement to be in Boise.

Some dude faking excitement to being in Boise.

Not relatively exotic Miami or San Diego. Boise.

Even Nashville for the Music City Bowl is more appetizing climate. (Likely to be 55 and rainy.)

I mean, the Maryland coach is named Fridgen, which conjures thoughts of games where its so cold that hitting feels like being slapped across the face. Everybody is cold; the teams are riding a one-game winning streak to reach mediocre heights of 8-5. 

Cut the humanitarian aid to Boise. The blue turf was cute 12 years ago, but it’s simply the obesity clinging to the bowl season.



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