Footnote to the Flattery

The story of at least 15 women and children killed in the bombing of a U.N. school in Gaza came as a footnote to how the Israel-Hamas conflict has been politically advantageous for Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, according to the New York Times’ backward coverage Thursday.

That’s just disgusting.

The school bombing killed at least 43 and is, in part, reason that the Palestinian Center for Human Rights is calling for war crime charges against Israel. Gazans were using the school as a shelter. The Israeli bombing was done by mortar fire when their soldiers were nearby in the territory. The Israelis said Hamas was using the school to fire rockets, but the Israelis should have scoped it out before firing weapons on innocent people.

Israel is a mercenary country acting on behalf of the United States, according to foreign policy expert Noam Chomsky. That was written years ago but proven accurate when Barack Obama all-but-endorsed the war during a campaign stop in Sderot, Israel, one of the sites Hamas has targeted thousands of missiles at.

Obama is shown a Hamas missle while visiting Israel.

Obama is shown a Hamas missle while visiting Israel.

The conflict has U.S. support not only because Israel is an unconditional ally, but because it could fulfill larger regional interest of containing Iran, which funds Hamas. That is how Israel is a mercenary country to the U.S.: They help do the dirty work.

Obama hasn’t publicly commented about the conflict, letting Israel overpower Gaza. (During Thursday, the 13th day of the conflict, a U.N. humanitarian aid convoy was hit, killing an aid worker and injuring others.) Some Obama supporters will say that he isn’t president yet so he shouldn’t have to comment, but he spoke into the microphone after the Mumbai, India attacks in December.



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