Unquote” Palin and Burns

“The momma grizzly rises up in me,” said an obviously ignorant Sarah Palin during a blame-everybody-but-myself interview where she casted Tina Fey and Katie Couric as the antagonists who brought down her candidacy. The quote was in response to satire, not the reason her Neiman Marcus-attired version of Camelot was ruined.

She forgets it was responses like, “Say it ain’t so, Joe,” that disenfranchised her dinosaur-led ticket. She forgets the loss came after her quotes that Alaska’s proximity to Russia was her top foreign policy credential. She forgets it was her “gee-shucks” counters to questions about her lack of experience.

C’mon Palin, blaming the media was so Spiro Agnew.

Imperially impaired

The winner of  “Imperially Embedded” goes to … John Burns of the New York Times.

“Described as ‘the longest-serving foreign correspondent in New York Times history,’ Burns seemed less a skeptical reporter than a channeler of Henry Kissinger when he offered his world view to PBSCharlie Rose in April: ‘The United States and its predominant economic, political and military power in the world have been the single greatest force for stability in the world, such as it is now, certainly since the Second World War. If the outcome in Iraq were to destroy the credibility of American power, to destroy America’s willingness to use its power in the world to achieve good, to fight back against totalitarianism, authoritarianism, gross human rights abuses, it would be a very dark day.’ ”

(This gem quote is courtesy of Guerrilla News Network’s Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon and their illustrious P.U.litzer Prizes.)

Burns resembles his former Times colleague and fellow government mouthpiece Judith Miller. At least she got sacked for such impartiality.



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