Hey I’m-a-dinner-jacket, wanna ball?

The president-elect’s affinity for hoops is well known. If  Barack Obama laced ’em up, I’d peg him as a versatile (read: centrist), smooth-shooting (articulate orator) point guard (soon-to-be commander in chief).

If Obama were playing one-on-one with leaders of rogue nations on the White House’s court on the south lawn, here is how they would stack up:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a trash-talking backup, snipes two steals to offset six turnovers. (Obama 11, I’m-a-dinner-jacket 7)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, a backup power forward, will throw elbows in the paint and dive on the floor for  loose balls.  (O 11, guy with a socialist-green headband 5) 

Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin plays stingy defense and is willing to take a charge. (O 11, steel stomach 9)


Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe, a menacing big man, will hack on breakaway layups. (O 11, warlord 1)

Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Malaki air balls free throws. (O 11, puppet leader 0, but that game is like facing the JV)

Whose got next?



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