Try that one in court

The only thing worse than not talking about the elephant in the room is talking about the dirt the elephant dragged in.

An Tuesday opinion article by Ross K. Baker in USA Today does just that when he argues for no criminal charges for the Bush administration’s practicing and sanctioning of torture.

Torture — and warrantless wiretapping — are the dirt on the elephant’s heel. The elephant is the lies and deceit concocted by the administration in the case for war in Iraq. The war is where the most attention should be paid when discussing the misconduct of 43. 

Baker props up torture as the worst thing Bush and Cheney ever did. He asks for “allowances for errors in judgement, shortsightedness, overreaching or just plain old fatheadedness.” 

He goes on to compare torture to other egregious presidential acts like Lincoln’s suspension of habeas corpus and Kennedy’s ordering of an assassination attempt of a foreign leader and how those — and others — weren’t prosecuted.

Let’s put it this way. If Baker were a defense attorney and his client robbed a bank, he would argue that this other guy robbed a bank, too, and he was let off the hook. He would also try to ignore that his client also committed murder while on the crime spree.

And guess what? Baker, like all the other Bush revisionists and apologists, goes to the knee-jerk argument of “responding to emergencies” to protect freedom.

Say Baker, you’re the fatheaded. (Hey, I couldn’t help myself. It’s one of my new favorite words.)



One response to “Try that one in court

  1. Atleast this author you are talking about deals with Pres. Bush in a historical perspective. Andrew Jackson was a murderer, JFK wanted Castro dead. When analyzing a anyone, one must analyze historically. You are correct in the bank robber scenario. But one must at least bring it into a conversation.
    When will we see a blog about Obama’s immediate reversal about his lobbyist?
    Also, how can we appoint a Treasury Secretary that is guilty of tax evasion? Should we compare Geithner and Bush evenly?

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