Refreshingly satisfying

Super Bowl ads were mostly an array of exhausted blah-blah spokespersons and overused hee-haw spokeshorses.

Find someone without geeky specs, Verizon. The “can you hear me now?” spin off is now trite too. It should be bottled up. I was sick of this guy in 2004.



Enough with the Clydesdales, Budweiser. One cheeky hook up with a stallion aside, eyes glaze over when the horse plays fetch.

Someone wake up the marketing teams; they need to show an ounce of creativity.

After two steps back, one step forward. The Bob Dylan and rendition of “Forever Young” was a 60-second pleasure cruise. The montage of life, including Gumby, surfers, dancing guy in Speedo and Bruce Lee, was refreshingly satisfying — like Pepsi, I guess.



One response to “Refreshingly satisfying

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