Unquote” Generational guidance

“The simplest things can be the most profound.”

He might not know it, but my dad once said that. And for whatever reason, it has stuck with me for many years.

Griffin House, a songwriter with simple messages, made me think of my dad’s quote after I watched House’s  music video for “I Remember (It’s Happening Again).”

House’s connect-the-dots, climb-the-ancestral-tree approach took rein when he opines on separation of church and state and how religion is used as the best reason for national defense. The best was his finale about his friends in Iraq fighting for our country, and how he needs a reason why.

Good, simple stuff.



One response to “Unquote” Generational guidance

  1. Thanks for the song.
    You may be interested in googling “aqal” and “spiral dynamics” and “don beck – Menes”.

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