When developments turn to drivel

When discussing Iraq, a story about moderate improvements turns disingenuous when it fails to acknowledge important associated circumstances.

Take ABC News’ story about Iraqi women now having the ability to drive and not being forced to wear full-body veils. While the Tank rails on TV news as the chief enemy of context, ABC should have cited the 1,000 women who were recently widowed due to the war. What good is being able to show your face in public if your husband can’t be there to see it?

abc-newsThe TV segment also propped up the relatively violence-free elections recently held in the occupied country. True, true, but what good are the free democratic elections if the elected Sunni officials cannot leave their homes because of death threats?


nuri-al-malikiIraqi Prime Minister Nuri al Maliki recently pushed to reopen the country’s National Museum as a symbol of progress. What good is the reopening if a several-block radius around the museum is cordoned off to stop violence by keeping the public away? What progress is made if heightened security and helicopters patrols are in the area while diplomats and government officials munch on hors de oeuvres?

The Tank isn’t denying that some progress is being made, but when ABC News and Maliki ignore the big picture, it’s just drivel.



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