Obama also bowls and shops for dogs!

Oh no! President Obama revealed an improved bowling game Thursday on the “Tonight Show.”

After critics took shots at Obama for filling out an NCAA basketball bracket and for appearing on Jay Leno’s show, the fact that the president took time amid the economic crisis to improve his horrendous bowling game will also likely  get strikes against it.

Some critics — Rush Limbaugh, John Boehner and others — will prop up any of his actions as negative or a unnecessary distractions, but cut the guy some slack.


Obama went on the “Tonight Show” to talk about the economy because he holds the purse strings and the American people deserve answers. He filled out the bracket because he is a basketball fan. He acknowledged on the show that a family dog is on its way because he is a father. 

His predecessors had — gasp! — hobbies, too. They played the saxophone or watched the Texas Rangers. (When those hobbies, however, turn into blow jobs in the Oval Office and cutting brush in Crawford, Texas every other weekend, THEN we have a problem. Not before.)

Presidents have hobbies because they are humans that deserve a reprieve. Obama can pick North Carolina to win it all AND turn around and deal with problems with AIG and Afghanistan.



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